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Body hair transplant

Body hair transplant: In recent times hair transplantation has been extensively applied not only to correct hormone related alopecia, but also to correct a lack of hair on other parts of the body such as the eyebrows and pubic area. Surgeons postulate that the transplanted hairs will maintain their integrity and characteristics after transplantation to new non scalp sites, that is, body hair transplant. In hair transplantation, living hair from the back and sides of the head is surgically removed and transplanted to areas where hair has stopped growing. Applying the same technique to the body hair transplant may open new avenues for further research. The propositions are enormous and it now means that using various techniques, doctors can utilize significant amount of available body hair for body hair transplant into the scalp, and that this body hair will grow notably longer and can appear similar to scalp hair. The most likely justification for this is that the transplanted follicle's growth cycles are coordinated by the surrounding follicles or by cells in the skin which control the growth cycle and rate of hair production.

The technique of body hair transplantation provides patients with a remarkable new supply of donor hair formerly thought to be unfeasible. However, the characteristics of graft in normal hair transplant are different from that of body hair transplant. This is because the recipient site affects some character of transplanted hairs, such as their growth and survival rates. Transplanting body hair to scalp has been a topic of interest for years. Traditional hair transplantation relies exclusively on donor hair from the back of the patient's head. However, individuals with exhausted or inadequate donor hair are hardly ever considered as candidates for hair transplants. Body hair transplants are an option for all these constraints. Being able to tap into body hair as a donor source for hair transplantation, is a promising option for many people. Body hair transplant methods could definitely open the doors to thousands who would otherwise not be able to think about hair transplantation as an alternative. The method of microsurgical single follicular unit extraction for body hair transplants is a unique procedure for the removal of individual follicular grafts of hair for transplantation. Permanent scalp donor hair may be used, as well as temple, nape, chest, abdomen and back hair and each individual follicular graft is removed intact without damage to the neighboring hair.

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