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Follicular hair transplant

Follicular hair transplant is the most State of the Art hair transplant procedure. It helps you get the hair that looks totally natural throughout, no matter which way the wind blows. Follicular hair transplant is done by doing a hair transplant procedure that exactly mimics the way hair naturally grows on our scalp. Hair grows in clusters of one, two, three, and some times four hairs. These naturally occurring groups of hair are called follicular hair units. So given how hair naturally grows, an excellent follicular hair transplant replicates nature by relocating these naturally occurring follicular hair units from the donor area to the recipient site. Follicular hair transplant now forms such a high level of naturalness that many doctors think that hair transplantation has advanced about as far as it can. After all, you can't get any more natural than using hair as it naturally occurs in follicular hair transplant.

To do this successfully requires that each follicular hair unit of follicular hair transplant be kept unbroken and trimmed under a microscope to produce the ultimate micro graft that is a naturally occurring follicular unit graft in follicular hair transplant. These micro grafts are then placed in very close proximity and in an irregular pattern that mimics how they naturally grow on the scalp. In addition, a follicular hair transplant procedure is less profitable for a clinic. Follicular unit grafts require more time, skill, and expense to create compared to the minigrafts. A full all micro mega session may require four to five assistants working with microscopes in addition to the surgeon to competently perform this advanced procedure. Not all surgeons do follicular hair transplant. Chiefly the reason is that it takes time to change and familiarize yourself to these cutting edge advancements in technique These longer hair transplant sessions are more labor intensive and technically more demanding. It also takes a lot of time and effort to learn this more refined technique. Many hair transplant clinics, including the large commercial operations, find it more profitable to do the standard mini/micro graft procedure, because one doctor can do two or three patients a day using this older and less demanding hair transplant technique. This produces more revenue for the clinic but less than ideal results for the patient. However, in the past few years some hair restoration physicians have taken hair transplant surgery to an ultra refined level by using very tiny incisions and grafts.

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