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Hair loss restoration

Hair loss restoration has become very common in today’s era. The main reason being lifestyle changes, shift towards use of chemicals, changes in food preferences and climatic changes. Another very significant reason for increasing demand of hair loss restoration is the recent advances in science and technology. Hair loss restoration is available for all the hair problems. Hair loss restoration could be invasive or non invasive.

The non invasive hair loss restoration consists of drugs, lotions and shampoos. A few examples of the drugs used in conservative hair restoration treatments are minidoxil and finasteride. Minoxidil is an anti-balding drug that is applied directly to the scalp. Used in conjunction with surgical treatment, minoxidil can be effective in retaining hair to provide a fuller, more natural look. Finasteride when given orally has been shown to help preserve existing hair. It may be combined with minoxidil and other surgical techniques for excellent results.

There are other hair loss restoration treatments including surgical interventions. One of the very important procedures is the hair transplant. Hair transplant consists of removing a specified area of hair and transplanting it on the bald areas. This offers promising results in the suitable candidates. Another form of hair loss restoration treatments is the follicular hair transplant. This is one of the modifications of hair loss restoration. Follicular unit extraction is yet another procedure of hair transplant. A relatively less practiced method of hair loss restoration is the scalp flap. A flap of hair-bearing skin is created by making surgical cuts near the balding area. The flap is then rotated onto the balding section.

The surgical team of the hair loss restoration treatment wears masks, surgical gloves, and gowns and uses instruments that are sterile. The procedure is performed while the patient sits in a comfortable, adjustable reclining chair. After the anesthesia is administered, the patient should feel nothing other than pressure sensations. Many patients have long, friendly conversations with the doctor and assistants during the time it takes to complete the transplant of hair restoration treatment. Occasionally, a patient will speak to friends or conduct business transactions during the surgery on their cell phones. The atmosphere in the treatment area will make the patient feel secure and relaxed. Concern and compassion on the part of the doctor and medical staff make a tremendous difference and we will expend great effort to make sure that your experience of hair loss restoration is a pleasant one.

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