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Hair restoration center: Hair loss is a life long process; most men will develop male pattern baldness, up to 65% of men will be affected with some degree of pattern baldness at some point in their lives. Pattern baldness can start in men in their teen age years and men up to approximately forty to forty five years of age are still at risk. Beyond 45-50 years old the chances of developing pattern baldness are much reduced and those who have pattern baldness usually see their hair loss stabilize and the bald areas do not expand further. However after retirement age another hair loss process may develop. The aging process can thin the entire head of hair. This hair loss process is different from the typical pattern baldness of men in their teens to 50s, although some research studies suggest that hair loss in old age still involves androgens.

Progressive hair loss, the desire for more hair density, combined with our increasing longevity and the increased attention to appearance and personal grooming, will require more transplant procedures. A hair restoration center functions to provide these facilities. Hair restoration centers are becoming increasingly common and hair restoration is becoming more popular. Modern techniques, however, allow hair restoration specialists to transplant a larger number of grafts, greatly reducing the number of procedures needed to complete the result. As such, the overall number of hair transplant sessions is not increasing, but this hides the fact that individual patients are receiving better results with few transplant session.

As in the case of any other medical procedure, the more you know about a hair restoration center, the better off you will be. Gone are the days when people eagerly remained in the dark about their own bodies, their treatments and conditions. A knowledgeable and informed person now becomes a lively partner in his or her own health care, which not only leads to better health but also is of great benefit to the doctors because nobody knows their body better than the owner! In hair restoration center men can often have the results they are looking for in just one or two hair transplant sessions in which thousands of hairs are transplanted in follicular units of one to four hairs each.

During the first consultation in a hair restoration center, the doctor should examine your head thoroughly and take a detailed medical history. An instrument in the hair restoration center may be used to measure your hair density (a process called a trichogram) and this allows your doctor to appropriately evaluate the number of hairs in each of your naturally occurring follicular units and the hair loss pattern you may experience over time if it is applicable to your type of hair loss. This instrument of the hair restoration center compares fine hair to thick ones, measuring the degree of miniaturization of your hair strands caused by shrinking hair follicles, the progressive diminishing of each hair's diameter, and some instruments will also measure the hair length. Your doctor should put into writing your hair transplant design and an estimated timeline for any procedures that may be necessary. At the hair restoration center, the doctor should also explain the entire hair transplant procedure, including any associated risks, and tell you what you can expect in the months following the procedure. At hair restoration center, hair replacement surgery can improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence, but the results won't necessarily measure up to your ideal. Hair restoration centers are a boon for people who desire to have their hair back.

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