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Hair loss and hair restoration needs personal and individual attention. Hair restoration clinic provide for better hair growth and options for patient-specific tailored treatment. Science is rapidly advancing our understanding of the causes of hair loss. The successful treatment of hair loss at hair restoration clinic is being rapidly advanced by physician hair restoration specialists who use scientific principles to create novel advances for hair restoration. At hair restoration clinics, physician hair restoration specialists understand that hair restoration must not be generalized and should be as tailored to the patient on the basis of cause, pattern, rapidity and extent of hair loss, and the wishes of the patient regarding desired result, cost, investment of time, and potential complications and side effects. With the fast progress in medical science, it becomes apparent that the causes of hair loss are complex and may vary in multiple ways from person to person. The physician in the hair restoration clinic must diagnose the case properly for the cause of each patient's hair loss. This step is critical to the development of an individualized hair restoration treatment plan in hair restoration clinic.

The causes of scalp hair growth are more universal to all humans, while the causes of scalp hair loss have many individual variations ranging from trauma to disease to genetically-inherited male and female pattern hair loss. In hair restoration clinic, scalp biopsy may be performed in a male or female patient appropriate for his condition. The physician's recommendation for scalp biopsy is explained to the patient and is not done until all of the patient's questions are answered. The biopsy procedure at hair restoration clinic itself involves taking a very small sample of scalp skin for examination under a microscope. Thus, the scientific acumen and clinical skills of a physician hair restoration specialist are essential to interpret the results of diagnostic examination, establish a most probable cause of hair loss in any individual patient, and determine what treatment is likely to be most effective. The patient who seeks advice from a physician hair restoration specialist at hair restoration clinic regarding hair loss should never lose his or her identity as a case. Hair loss has deep personal impact on a person, and it is important to that person that hair restoration be undertaken with appropriate concern for its deeply personal meaning. Hair restoration clinics can provide you with better options.

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