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Hair restoration cost: Hair restoration is an exceedingly competitive field, and just like any other business, doctors must compete on several levels, including the cost of medical procedures. There are a few hair transplant doctors who charge hair restoration cost by the hair transplant session as opposed to price per graft, but increasingly, hair restoration is costed based on the number of hair follicles you need to have transplanted. The manner in which a hair transplant surgeon prices the procedure is in no way indicative of his skill, or the likely outcome of your hair transplant. Your decision should be based exclusively on your hair transplant surgeon's merits, hair restoration cost is secondary. Hair restoration costs will vary from case to case. Because each patient's hair loss is unique, as are their expectations, the only way to learn the hair restoration cost is through an educational appointment with a qualified consultant.

There are clinics charging hair restoration cost by the graft, by the hair and even by the session, so it can be hard to really compare hair restoration costs. For example, price per graft means very little unless you know how many hairs you get in a graft and the experience of the doctor. At a consultation, specialists can break the hair restoration cost down into grafts or hairs once the price of your surgery is determined. As with any elective procedure, hair restoration cost is an important part of the research process. However, hair restoration cost shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor. This procedure of deciding on hair restoration cost can be custom-tailored, planned out to fit each patient’s individual budget and needs. Also, it's a valuable investment, producing results that last for a lifetime. The cost of hair restoration may seem high, but when you consider the amount of money needed for drug treatments to maintain hair growth over many years, the cost of a hair transplant is comparable.

Some providers mix various size grafts in the proper locations to create as natural and full a head of hair as possible, while still keeping the hair restoration cost within the reach of the average income earner. Your particular hair transplant program can be tailored to both your cosmetic and financial wishes. Fine, smaller hair transplant procedures can be performed to keep visibility of results at a maximum but maintain costs within your control. Prices for hair transplantation range from $3 to $10 per graft, the average price is around $5-6 per graft. A complete hair transplant session costs on average $3500. Keep in mind that the price of the graft does not necessarily guarantee a better or worse outcome. Remember though that follow-up sessions may be necessary depending on your individual hair loss pattern and overall expectations. Hair restoration cost of follow-up sessions are usually much lower in price.

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