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Hair restoration for women

Hair restoration for women: Hair loss among females is not uncommon either with authoritative reports of ten to twenty percent occurrence of hair loss in women worldwide and with up to 40% of Caucasian women being affected by hair loss at some point in their lives. And while there are certainly worse medical conditions to be afflicted with, hair loss can be emotionally painful and wreck havoc on one's self-esteem. Hair transplantation is the best known method of surgical hair restoration for women and probably also the method of surgical hair restoration most often used to treat hair loss due to female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). Sometimes hair restoration for women is combined with other surgical techniques or medical treatment when deemed appropriate by the dermatologic surgeon.

Donor hair for transplantation for hair restoration for women is taken from sites that have hair of the appropriate color and texture, such as hair found at the back above the neck. Hair restoration for women is typically done in a series of sessions over a period of several months. The areas to be treated and the anticipated outcome are discussed between the patient and dermatologic surgeon before transplanting begins. Hair restoration for women also is preceded by a medical and physical examination, and examination of the scalp to determine the cause of hair loss. While androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in women, other causes need to be ruled out by scalp examination. Hair loss due to other causes, such as scarring alopecia or chronic traction alopecia, might be treatable by hair restoration for women depending on the diagnosis, but the surgical approach may be somewhat varied. Great refinements continue to be made in the techniques of hair restoration for women. The emphasis of hair restoration for women is on creating the most natural appearance possible by using techniques of single-hair grafts and micro- or mini-grafts that contain two to four hairs. With such techniques it is possible to create a hair density pattern and hairline that looks completely natural.

Postoperative effects of hair restoration for women are usually limited to mild to moderate discomfort, swelling and scab formation over graft sites. The number of procedures of hair restoration for women depends upon the extent of the hair loss, the projected hair loss rate, the amount of donor hair you can spare, and other artistic and medical considerations. Women need more sessions to achieve proper density compared to men. These sessions can last between five and ten hours each. Future sessions can follow if necessary. This possibility may be discussed with the dermatologic surgeon during the initial consultation and examination.

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